Virtual router default gateways and management interface

I am configuring a virtual router to provide routing between 2 private networks and public access with NAT to the same two networks.

i have managed to create bridges automatically and assigning vlans to the same with the 802.1Q driver. I have also created the networks with ip ranges, dns and gateways.

i am now trying to create a virtual router and assign it the ip specified in the virtual network range as default gateway so that the VM’s can use that as the DG. my Virtual Netowrk specification is the below:

AR = [
IP = “”,
SIZE = “200”,
TYPE = “IP4” ]
AR = [
IP = “”,
MAC = “02:00:0a:01:02:0c”,
SIZE = “1”,
TYPE = “IP4” ]
DNS = “”
PHYDEV = “enp2s0”
VN_MAD = “802.1Q”

with the above specs the virtual router just takes an ip from the AR spec of the first range ( to be precise) and ommits the “reservation set below”. Most probably my approach is not the correct or best approach so any feedback or best practice how to achieve this would be great.

Also what is the main reason for the use of the management interface in virtual routers?

Thanks in advance

ONE 5.4.6 open cloud