VMWare NSX-T Support

With VMWares announcement of NSX-T earlier this year is there plans to integrate it with OpenNebula?

This would open up a large amount of networking functionality across both vCenter and KVM backed OpenNebula setups as you gain the benefits of NSX (Micro Segmentation, HA, Distributed Logical Router, 3rd Party Firewall and AV Addons) without the Hypervisor lock in.

It would also make it really easy for customers to split workloads between VMWare and KVM dependent on requirements, and stretch workloads between multiple clouds all under the same security policies within the same L2 domains.
You could technically have a L2 network with VM’s in vCenter and KVM that are micro-segmented and cant talk to eachother apart from on certain ports all managed from within 1 interface and with no single point of failure within the network.

Hi Todd!,
I’ve added a redmine ticket for this interesting feature, so the team can decide if it can be added to the roadmap.




Any news about this topic ?

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We are working on supporting Opaque Network NICs (and hence, NSX-t created networks) in the next 5.8.x release.

Also, we are prepping a higher degree of integration with NSX-v for 5.10, and afterwards we’ll do the same for NSX-t.



Thank you,

So currently I’m not able to use nsx-t segment , specialy on vonecloud ? I’ve successfuly imported it perhaps

Also any date for the next release supporting this feature ?