NSX-T 3.1 Segments in opennebula

We are moving from NSX-v to NSX-T 3.1, on nsx-v we had no problem with network creation and corresponding network created successfuly in nsx-v portal, but in NSX-T 3.1 each network is a segment that is created in a specific TZ, when we create a nwe network in opennebula 6 which is connected to vCenter 7 and NSX-T 3.1, we can see the corresponding opaque network in vCenter network panel, but nothing is added in NSX-T portal in segment section,
after searching through the nsx driver we realized that opennebula calls an NSX api “api/v1/logicalswitches” while I think it should call another API to create a segment,
Can someone help us.

Thank you