NSX-T Supported Version - TZ Not Appearing

Can the team let me know what version is support for NSX-T as we are using however no transport zones are appearing.


Hello @Ben_McGuire, you can find the supported versions for the different OpenNebula integrations here: Platform Notes — OpenNebula 5.12.7 documentation

Hi @cgonzalez

Thank you for the information.
I note that 2.4.1+ NSX-T is supported. Can we assume that the latest NSX-T 3.1 is supported as we can IMPORT logical switches and all works as expected HOWEVER, creating logical switches do not work as transport zones do not appear. We initially tested with NSX-V and TZ did appear.
I have attached screenshot for your perusal.

Can you confirm NSX-T 3.1 is supported and have you guys tested the lastest release or is it a bug ?