NSX-T Supported Version - TZ Not Appearing

Can the team let me know what version is support for NSX-T as we are using however no transport zones are appearing.


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Hello @Ben_McGuire, you can find the supported versions for the different OpenNebula integrations here: Platform Notes — OpenNebula 5.12.7 documentation

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Hi @cgonzalez

Thank you for the information.
I note that 2.4.1+ NSX-T is supported. Can we assume that the latest NSX-T 3.1 is supported as we can IMPORT logical switches and all works as expected HOWEVER, creating logical switches do not work as transport zones do not appear. We initially tested with NSX-V and TZ did appear.
I have attached screenshot for your perusal.

Can you confirm NSX-T 3.1 is supported and have you guys tested the lastest release or is it a bug ?

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Hi, cgonzalez. I’m using OpenNebula 6.0.2 and NSX-T According to OpenNebula’s version 6 platform notes, it supports NSX-T 2.4.1+ (OpenNebula v6 Platform Notes). Unfortunately, I have the same issue as Ben_McGuire, and configuring NSX does not lead to getting transport zone information from the NSX-T. I need to mention that I had no issue with NSX-V before switching to NSX-T.
I appreciate any advice or help.

Hi @mohammadzade,

This information should be retrieved by the monitoring process. Could you try to disable and enable back your host, to force the monitoring process and check that they are properly monitored (i.e the switch back to on and there are no errors in vcenter_monitor.log file)?

Also, it would be good to ensure that the NSX credentials are correct.

Hi cgonzalez,

Many thanks for your reply. Today we found the issue, and that was because of the naming pattern of TZ. It seems the NSX-T’s default naming schema is not compatible with OpenNebula.
Maybe it will be helpful to mention this note in the OpenNebula documentation.

Hi, thanks for your response.

Could you specify exactly the problem you encountered?

What exactly does “the NSX-T default naming scheme” mean?

We can add it to the documentation. But we want to make it compatible.