Vmware together with a ONE cluster

Curious, as read most of the docs, but no clear mention if a vmware cluster can be orchestrated with a ONE cluster.
For example in a cabinet we have 3 esxi hosts running 6.7u2 (standard edition) and do not plan to add more esxi hosts. So wanted to start adding ONE nodes (baremetal & LXD - no kvm) so scale my clusters that will be a mix of vmware and ONE but only grow ONE nodes. A netapp (NFS) is/will be shared amongst all or both clusters.

Any tips or best practices to consider in such a setup?
Is this type of setup what is considered federated?
Will the vmware be considered one DC and the ONE cluster being another DC and all managed by a HA ONE management node (which I plan to create a VM on vmware cluster of this ONE management instance - and maybe even add a 2nd ONE in HA another physical host as backup)

Any advise greatly appreciated folks.

Also no images presented any sort of mix with vmware and one, so hence wanted to confirm if cluster types can be mixed and managed by a single ONE admin node.


Hi George,

You can setup your NFS server in both clusters ( KVM and VMware ) but i recommend you create indepedent shares for KVM and ESXi. Maybe you can have a share to exchange data temporaly but not for production VMs because locks in one cluster could affect to the other.

There is no problem, you can add KVM hosts in a cluster and ESXi hosts in another cluster so you’d have 2 cluster managed by opennebula.

This is NOT a federated setup, federated means to have two or more opennebula nodes and only one point of access ( this is the meaning of federation ) to manage all opennebula instances, each of one with its own resources. In your case you can manage all under the same ONE instance if you want.

Remember you need a vcenter server managing your ESXi because ONE uses vcenter API.