VNC not working for VM

Hey all,

If I try to connect to a VM via the VMRC I always receive the following error:

“Could not determine the vCenter ESX host where the VM is running. Wait till the VCENTER_ESX_HOST attribute is retrieved once the host has been monitored”

But the Host is definetly monitored. Because VMRC is working for other VMs… Any ideas on this? What could cause the problem?

Best Regards

this error occurs because in the VM you do not have the following attribute: VM.MONITORING.VCENTER_ESX_HOST

Hey jlobo,

do I have to set VM.MONITORING.VCENTER_ESX_HOST in the VM Template? Anyway all the other VMs dont have this attribute set and they are all fine… Maybe the VM needs to be reimported

edit: the VCENTER_ESX_HOST attribute is set