VNets are not listed in VDC form

Hi to all,

I am in the process of evaluating the OpenNebula for institutional purposes - hence I am new on ONE.

I am having some troubles associating VNets to a VDC.
While i faced no problems with hosts, datastores and clusters the VNets resource list is empty.
BTW, I have 7 different virtual networks created under Virtual Networks panel.

Many thanks in advance,

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
OS: centos7
OpenNebula: 5.4.1

Steps to reproduce:
Just create a VDC
Goto to Resources -> VNets
And the list is empty - only the “All” check box is available.

Current results:

Expected results:

Hi all,

Any news on this?
At least to know if this is caused by a bug or configuration issue.

Many thanks,

Hi @Marios_Chatziangelou,

Can you see the 7 vnets in the Virtual Networks tab?


Hi AbelC,

Yes the vnets are listed in the Networks -> Virtual Network tab.
The problem is only on the VDC > Resources > VNets panel.

Using the browser’s inspect tool, i can see that the Sunstone makes a request to


and getting



Hi Abel, all,

Any news on this?

Many thanks in advance,

Hello @Marios_Chatziangelou,

In my OpenNebula installation I cant reproduce this.

vnet-tab and the vnet resource in vdc-tab is the same datatable (the same request).


Hi Abel,

Is your installation of version: 5.4.1?


Yes, 5.4.1.

it is not the same to see the resource as to update it.

VNET POOL it’s empty in your case because the VDC hasn’t any vnet. But you try to update the resource, you should be able to see the vnets that you have registered.

Hi Abel,

Unfortunately there is not net available even to the update form.
In the following ling you can see the available virtual networks in my

But in the VDC->Update->Resources->VNets, there is no virtual
network to select.

Any advice/tip will be appreciated…