Wed Mar 30 17:24:39 2016 [Z0][ReM][E]: Req:2240 UID:- SystemConfig result FAILURE [SystemConfig] User couldn't be authenticated, aborting call

I’m getting this now. Changing the pass in the DB as well as all files in ~/.one/ results in a ‘bad hash’ error on login in addition to the above error.

Can I make a request for the developers to update this message to more clearly indicate:

  1. Which user?
  2. What did it try to do exactly and what command was attempted?

Still struggling to fix this and none of the suggestions I can find work. Also this command prints an error:

[oneadmin@opennebula01 ~]$ oneuser passwd --sha1 oneadmin 'SECRET’
OpenNebula USER name not found, use the ID instead
command passwd: argument 0 must be one of userid
[oneadmin@opennebula01 ~]$


Manged to set the pass in the db and restart one to get rid of this.