Can I takeover control of addon-nodejs?

Please see:

I plan to make this addon accessible and usable by the Node.JS and Meteor.JS communities. I currently have a pull request (PR#3) with a number of (10+) commits that would further the project, and have many more changes (frankly, a complete re-do might be in order considering that it’s not currently in very Node-esque form.)

I think you should talk to Pedro Dias (apocas), the creator and maintainer of the library. A joint effort would be better that two separate ones. Still, if the differences between libraries are too big we can create another repository for a second library.


Oh, Have you really seen your PR#3 commits?

In open source it’s not the number of commits (50% of commits from the PR being in doesn’t help either) that count it’s what you bring to the table and what you give back to the project :smile:

Although I was ready to close to my eyes to that commit-revert mess commits in your PR, IF you fix the critical errors I identified in your PR.
Usually a PR like this is not even acceptable just because of it’s commit log being so polluted.

I also advise you to read my latest answer to your PR, if you want to have it accepted.

The guys who answered you in freenode didn’t tricked you, the thing is you CAN’T instruct people in a Node.js library to install directly from Github instead of installing stable published versions from NPM.
To be honest it’s very irresponsible and dangerous as a maintainer.

Unfortunately you deleted your repo

Please update us if you still want to continue your work in your PR, because I have 0.0.4 to be published and I was waiting for you.

Bottom line is you give back and you earn respect and one day I will be one giving you control of this repo. This is how open source works.