Case (in)sensitive labels


I have another UI/UX bug report: in Sunstone, it is possible to add labels to images, templates, and VMs. Sunstone labeling seems to be case-sensitive: I can add label “MYLABEL1” to one VM, and “MyLabel1” to another one. These two labels are then displayed in the left panel of Sunstone under the “Instances/VMs” link.

However, using the label as filter apparently is case insensitive: when I click either on “MYLABEL1” or “MyLabel1”, the resulting sub-list contains VMs which have any of these labels.

I think labels should either be case-insensitive in the whole SunStone UI, or case-sensitive everywhere.

Thanks in advance for the fix!


Hello @Yenya,

We’ll opt for Sunstone labels to be insensitive, I think that is better idea.

Thanks for the advice. Open issue in OpenNebula readmine:





even though the issue is marked as fixed in 5.6, I can still create two tags “Testtag” and “testtag” in my Sunstone from ONe 5.6.1. I probably don’t have sufficient rights to reopen the issue #5381.

Please have a look at this problem again. Thanks!


For the reference, there is a Github issue corresponding to the old redmine one: