Create VDC with vcenter resource pool

I have a ESXI server running with vCenter.

I would like to have the VMs of VDC group 1 in resource pool 1 and the VMs of VDC group 2 in resource pool 2.

I can enter the resource pool only in the template or host not at the VDC, at the templates I could work with USER_INPUTS, but the users should not get the possibility to set this themselves.

Every created VM from VDC 1 should come to resource pool 1, how can I realize this?

Hello @Hashimruar,

That is not possible. A VDC is just a way of grouping infrastructure resources (clusters, hosts, vnets and datastores) with groups to ensure the correct permissions on each resource.

As you said a great way of achieving it is using user inputs.


Hello @ahuertas

What about host ?
Can i set a resource pool as host ?