Error in master-slave federation

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— I’m trying a cluster management using master-slave scenario, but the VM is showing forever “pending” status. So what may be the issue?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs): I’m using KVM hypervisor, opennebula 5.6

Steps to reproduce: in master and slave system, VM should run.

Current results: VM status is “pending” in both the systems. in logfile(/var/log/one/sched.log) it’s showing “[Z0] [SCHED] [E] : Cannot contact oned: [] Error getting zone [100]” . I have created zone id 100 in master system and attached the slave system ip.

Expected results: VM should be “running” condition. So VNC and pinging from master to slave and vice versa should happen.

So this seems to be a configuration problem. I assume you have followed the steps described here:

From this error message "Cannot contact oned: " I’d double check that both oned’s master and slave can talk to each other (e.g. there is no firewall preventing the communication…)

Thanks Ruben for replying.
I already followed the document link you posted, but yet to no effect. I d’nt know why the VMs are pending and how to ping among them?