Frontend installation in existing Kubernetes cluster


would it be possible to deploy OpenNebula Frontend in an existing K8s cluster?
Or must the OpenNebula Frontend be installed on a server / VM only?


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Hello, you can use this docker image.

And deploy inside k8s Cluster using Podman.

You can use this documentation in order understand better the process.

would it be possible to share some more details for this deployment in k8s cluster than what is covered by the documentation?
I assume step 1 (Install Container Runtime) is obsolete, so I continue with
Step 2: Reconfigure Host SSH
My understanding of this step is that I should configure a 2nd IP on the same interface of a cluster node.
The problem with this is that I have deployed a HA cluster on 3 nodes with k3s + kube-vip.
This means the cluster is using a virtual IP to ensure functionality independent if 1 node goes down.
So I don’t know how to proceed with this step 2 considering my k8s HA cluster deployment.

Can you please advise?