How to add edge servers as host with opennebula

I have successfully installed the OpenNebula Minione frontend on Azure and can access the admin interface using the oneadmin credentials. Now, I’m interested in adding edge servers, such as multiple laptops, as host nodes. How can I accomplish this?

Hello @CAPTAIN_ZARAKI and welcome to this Forum :wink:

I suggest you to check our documentation, where you can find how to add servers, VM, and basic operations:

Let us know if you need something else.


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Thanks for your response.
I am also exploring full version of opennebula and was able to add a node and host and create vm but on same instance where front end is running. but getting these error-
FireEdge public endpoint is not working, please contact your cloud administrator
VM startguac_action: 0 >> vnc
Fireedge_key is not available
any idea ?

Good morning, to check this error you should check the following:

  1. Do you have the fireedge server running? you can check it by doing a

ss -tanp | grep 2616

  1. The sunstone and the fireedge must be in the same server, and that they can communicate between them (if you see that from the browser there is a request that goes to 2616 is because the “private_fireedge_endpoint” is wrong configured).