Quota on CPU OpenNebula 6.2 and Debian Bullseye


I have an issue with OpenNebula 6.2 and Debian Bullseye. I use the commercial release of OpenNebula cause I have an active subscription. I defined a CPU quota for a user group. When I try to create a VM with a user belonging to the group, I have this error :

Dec 29 15:16:48 on-node4 systemd[1]: Started Virtual Machine qemu-6-one-11.
Dec 29 15:16:48 on-node4 libvirtd[2094]: Unable to write to ‘/sys/fs/cgroup/machine.slice/machine-qemu\x2d6\x2done\x2d11.scope/cpu.weight’: Le résultat numérique est en dehors de l’intervalle

Sorry for the last part of error message in French. In English it should be translated this way : “Numeric result value is out of scope (or range)”.

Does someone experienced this issue ?

Thank you,

Hi, I think it is not related to the quotas it self. We setup based on the CPU value in the template (CPU * 1024). So, this could be either a wrong value in CPU in the template, or maybe an incompatible limit with the machine.slice limits?