The Terminate button is too close to refresh and add new VM (5.5.90)

Hi devs,

It is my personal opinion that the situating the terminate button so close to refresh and create new instance could lead to troubles. Its previous place to the labels was better. Probably only a separator to the labels is ok. The rationale is that it should be “expensive” to reach the button and complain it was by mistake. Currently it is very “cheap” to click the “select all” checkbox and (double) click to terminate. Also the rest of the row where is the terminate button is sitting empty…

It is just my taste for the interface…

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

(The counting “total” counters on reload are also a little aside of my taste but I think that I understand the rationale behind them)

Hi @atodorov_storpool

You are right that the button should not be placed there but I think it is due to your resolution because it does not happen to me.

Big desktop

Small desktop


Hi Abel,

You are right. I played a while with different browser widths and I think it could be a little bit improved - if I continue reducing the width of the browser window the menu on left disappear (becoming to the “hamburger” icon) and the Terminate button goes back next to the Labels. Probabli it should hide the menu earlier before re-arranging the buttons? I think it is OK to reorder them if the width shrinks further though.


Firefox Quantum 60.1.0esr (64-bit) full screen:

Probably it is a browser related issue?


with Zoom 90% the button is going in place

Hello @atodorov_storpool,

I’ve been able to reproduce it and it really happens, I’m going to adjust the widths to solve it.

Thanks for your help.