User Quota in Fireedge Web UI

Hello Opennebula Team,
I am trying to configure user quotas in Fireedge, and the Sunstone view is easy to work with. However, in FireEdge, can I monitor RAM and CPU instead of network or VM count? Additionally, how can I change the default unit of display from MB to GB?"
Sunstone User Quota:
Fireedge User Quota:
**Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):Opennebula 6.8, Ubuntu 22.04
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Glad to see you’re trying out the new Fireedge UI. So actually, the users tab in Fireedge is still relatively new and does not have all features implemented yet. Currently there is no way to change the default unit of display for the different progress bars, however this is an upcoming feature along with other modifications like, being able to define/customize views more freely. So unfortunately, for the time being, you cannot modify this default behavior. As for the RAM/CPU quotas, you should still be able to view all of this information under the quotas subtab when you select a user.