vOneCloud First Deployment Help

I have successfully deployed the vOneCloud 1.8 into my vSphere test lab. I have imported the cluster of ESXi servers, templates and networks from the first vCenter and tried to deploy a VM in Sunstone after logging in with CloudAdmin. I select the template and click Instantiate, I can see a VM appear but its in Pending state and stays that way. If a select Deploy from the drop down menu in the VM section the VM will then immediately deploy in my vSphere infrastructure. Am i missing something here? Is the VM supposed to launch and be operational from the Instantiate command?

In regards to the documentation regarding this I’m not sure if the CloudAdmin is what I’m supposed to be using. In the Docs “Importing Existing vCenter” section reads “log into Sunstone as vOneCloud as explained in the previous section” however there is only mention of logging in as CloudAdmin in the previous section?..

Also in the documentation in regards to VDC’s it says to add the templates permissons to the
VDC and shows an image of the VDC being selected under Group but I can only select Groups not VCDs? Also the example in the documentation of the Sunstone vCenter Cloud View under “vOneCloud Interfaces” section shows an image of the “Select a Template” with the option of VDC, my system
has Group?

Can you please explain what the Use, Manage and Admin Template Permissions for Owner and Groups affect?

Thank you.


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